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A little about the three sisters of Sisters Element LLC.

We grew up running wild in the mountains and forests of Forest Falls, California. We would play all day in the woods exploring and foraging for “treasures”. We all had a deep love for nature and the mystical world around us.  As we grew older our family moved to Oregon and our exploring and foraging never stopped. With the materials available to us we started creating crafts and jewelry. In 2020 with the Covid shutdown and all of us being laid off from our jobs we decided to start a business doing what we love, making unique creations inspired by our natural surroundings. We forage and hand pick almost all our organics that we cast in nontoxic resin. Capturing the essence and beauty of the land around us. We hope to inspire our customers to see the wonder in the world around them and to carry a piece of that with them by our creations.


Poem: Through our child eyes.

Collecting rocks, leaves, and daisy chains.
Butterfly wings and fairy queens.
Seeing the beauty in the simplicity of things.
The perspective from our child eyes
Gave us our love for the earth, sea, and sky.
Steering down the path that lead us to our craft.

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